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Friday, December 23, 2011

Appropiate Method of Classification of Living Organisms

fish aquarium classification
Fish Aquarium Classification Criterion
The fish you see in the above picture can be classified as large and small. You have used some criterion to classify the fish. A classification can be considered to be a method of grouping living organisms into different groups. Hence you too have prepared a classification now.

If you use growth as a criterion for classification after about six months the position of fish will change. Hence the criterion used here becomes an artificial criterion. Any classification which is based on growth as a factor, becomes an artificial one.

Characteristics of a Natural Classification

  • It is based on the relationship among living organisms.
  • All the characteristics of living organisms are taken into consideration.
  • The same group of living beings has true relationship of similar nature.
  • A classification of this nature shows how evolution took place.

Main Groups of Living Things

Living organisms are made up of cells with protoplasm covered by a cell membrane or a cell wall. They can,
  • Reproduce.
  • Respond to external stimuli.
  • Grow
  • Metabolize continuously.
It is not fair to divide all living beings into two categories according to the external characteristics displayed. This is because there should be direct relationships between the organisms of a particular category. You may now be able to decide whether it is reasonable to categorize a unicellular bacteria with a Jak tree or a unicellular amoeba with a human being. Hence three categories of living beings have been introduced in classifying living organisms. They are:
  1. Plants.
  2. Animals.
  3. Micro-Organisms.
In my next article I'll discuss about how these main categories can be further divided. So until then I want to ask you something...
How about this? Great! Awesome! Or Nice Then just share with your friends and Comment your Ideas below. Appreciate it!

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