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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Natural Plant Classification Indices

After familiar with main three categories of living things yesterday, Today I'm going to let you know more about the division of Plant category. So here we go...

We cannot classify two plants which are very similar to each other.  Jak, Arecanut and love grass are different to one another. There are bacteria length of 1/2um (Micro Meter) and a width of 1/5um. There are marine plants which are more than 100m long and trees with a circumference greater than 10m too.

Linnaeus was the first scientist who introduced a natural classification regarding the plants which has a large variety. In those days revealed facts and data about these plants were very few. Therefore the classification provided by Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) was not a perfect one.

The accepted system of natural classification came into usage of after the theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin in 1859. Phylogeny is the key factor in these classifications. This led to a better explanation of evolutionary relationships.

The relationships among plants are used in a natural classification. All characteristics of plants should be taken into consideration in the identification of plant relationships.

Scientists had no knowledge of the sexual reproduction of certain plants in the past. hence they classified the plants as Phanerogamic - Plants with a known sexual reproduction. and Cryptogamic - Plants which lacked known sexual reproduction. Later scientists revealed a lot of facts about sexual reproduction of Cryptogamic plants too.

The roots, stem and leaves of a plant are identified as the vegetative organs  and the Androecium and the Gynoecium have been identified as the sexual organs of the plant. A flower is a cluster of organs. Hence we can build up a better classification by using flowering and non-flowering nature of plants.

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