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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Structure of Plant Cell and Animal Cell under Microscope

First of all, I need to say something to you! This is my last post! Yeah.. this is the last post of 2011. I'll see you in 2012 again with another post.So

I wish Happy New Year to You!

After wishing you, I'm going to start my post.

All the information revealed then about the cells by a Belgium botanist, Scheliden in 1938 and by a German zoologist Schwan in 1939 were produced as the cell theory. According to the cell theory the basic unit of structure and function in living organism is the Cell.

A cell is a minute structure. Therefore it could be observed only under a microscope. When observed under the low power of a microscope the cell of an onion peel seems as bricks in a parapet wall. But it is different when observing under a high power microscope.

The inner surface of the cheek (inside the mouth) is covered with epithelial cells. These cells can be taken out by scraping with a yoghurt spoon. It can be observed under high power of a microscope. The cells seem to spherical in shape and there is a spherical structure with a granulated part inside the cell. The large spherical structure is the nucleus and granulated part is cytoplasm. All living cells possess membrane which is known as the cell surface membrane.

Generalized Plant cell and Animal cell as seen under a light microscope

animal cell under microscope
Animal Cell
You know that cell is the basic structural and functional unit of a living being. The division of labour seems to be present in the body of organisms. The structure of the cell should change, according to it. Very high efficiency can be obtained by adopting the structure of the cell according to the functions of the cell.

A large number of chloroplasts are present in the cells of the leaf blade because the photosynthesis occurs in the leaf. But there are no chloroplasts in the roots. For easy learning about the basic unit of structure of a generalized is introduced by taking all the identified structures in the cells of various plants into one figure. The generalized animal cell is also as such. Cell contains some special structures called organelles for doing it's own works too

I'll meet you in 2012 with a more explained post about this. Until then Saying you Good Luck!

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